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In the footsteps of T.E. Lawrence



When the terrain gets tough, the tough get going. Ford is a favourite brand in the Arab world, a leader in the market for trucks and SUVs. But there is nothing like reinforcing Ford’s leadership with an authentic driving experience. Did you say, another test drive? No.

Hit the course of history, through a stunning natural backdrop that tests and thrills. Modern machine met mesmerising history in Ford of Arabia, a magnum ride presented for the media.



The idea was to host media on a tour of the breathtaking landscape of Jordan in Ford vehicles – but with a twist: The drivers would retrace the footsteps of British officer Colonel T.E. Lawrence and the Hashemite Prince Faisal on the 100th year of the Great Arab Revolt.


We partnered with the Jordanian Tourism Board who provided exclusive access permits to a 100-strong media entourage, as well as bloggers and influencer partners, invited from around the world. Acclaimed historian William Darlymple came on board to narrate the course of history.


They rode in Ford trucks and SUVs - complete with free wi-fi, an industry-first – the media traversed the journey that T.E. Lawrence and Prince Faisal made 100 years ago. They took two months on horseback; Ford’s horsepower took the media through the tricky terrain in a matter of hours, in one authentic driving experience.


All dream but not equally, wrote Lawrence. We dreamt a little bigger.


The participating media were thrilled by the experience – nothing till date was better-run, more dynamic and more creative, they said. The campaign earned 144 hits and a total reach of 67.9 million, generating a perceived ad value of US$2.5 million. On social, #GoFurtherinArabia recorded over 1,000 posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, accounting for 10 million impressions and a combined reach to over 2 million people.