Mar 29, 2020

COVID-19: Navigating the Now, Preparing for the Next

Unlike anything experienced in our lifetime, COVID-19 impacts every person, community and organization on Earth. The implications vary from market to market, sector to sector and person to person, and a lot of uncertainty looms. Still, one thing is certain: We’re united in our care for one another, our commitment to progress, and our optimism for the future.

At ASDA’A BCW, we remain people-first and client-centric as we embrace this ‘new normal’. Like many of our clients, we’ve moved swiftly and with agility to work in new ways, and to deliver work that matters more than ever.

This means helping our clients to navigate the NOW and prepare for the NEXT.

Today, our clients are focused on business continuity. We partner to deliver critical communications – internal and external – to support day-to-day operations in this fast-changing landscape.

At the same time, we’re helping our clients to see around the corner and plan for what’s next. When we emerge from this crisis, the world will be forever changed. People will think, feel and behave differently. Companies will shift into recovery mode, which will require not just rebuilding, but in many cases, business transformation. Rich insights, creativity and strategic communications will be essential to move people. And that’s exactly what we do.

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